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Who we are.

Starfish Media, a company based in Curả«ao operating since 2012 with the objective to provide players with first class online gaming sites. We develop, maintain and operate user friendly, trustworthy and secure sites that offer the ultimate online gaming experience.

The gaming industry is a fast growing and dynamic industry with a continuous flow of exiting new developments and technologies to improve the overall player experience. We aspire to be, and constantly work towards, having state-of-the-art systems which allows us to add new features and adjust our platform and way of working to new requirements and trends in order to offer the very best-of-the-best to our players and partners.

The staff at Starfish Media has several years of experience from the online gaming industry and has excellence knowhow and technical skills. Beyond that, we are a very diverse group and speak over seven languages between us and integrate different aspects of our various cultures and backgrounds with the company culture.